The Franks Family Foundation

The Franks Family Foundation is a UK-based charity that works to make the world more educated, healthy, just and meritocratic. It strives to foster dynamic civil societies in some of the world’s poorest countries, to create real, systemic and progressive change. The FFF is a co-founder of The Ruit Foundation and is using its entrepreneurial approach to help it develop the Foundation and expand the CEH network. The FFF is also a key funder behind the initiative.


The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Fred Hollows Foundation is one of the most important NGOs working to treat and prevent blindness and other vision problems in developing countries. Founded in 1992 by the late Fred Hollows, an eye surgeon and Dr Ruit’s mentor, the Foundation has had a huge impact, helping to restore the sight of millions of people across the globe. The FHF is headquartered in Australia, and also operates in the Pacific, South and South-east Asia and Africa.

Over the last two decades, the FHF has been a major and instrumental partner of TIO, and also been a strong supporter of Dr Ruit’s work in Indonesia through A New Vision.


Wen Giving

WEN Giving works to improve and promote the wellbeing and quality of life of less fortunate and disadvantaged persons. It focuses its work on improving education, facilities for disadvantaged children, youth and women and funding medical facilities and scholarships, and research funding for cancer.


The Himalayan Cataract Project

HCP is a section 501c (3) non-profit organization based in the USA. It was founded in 1995 by Dr Ruit and Dr Geoff Tabin, from the Moran Eye Center (Utah), to support Dr Ruit’s work. To-date, HCP predominantly supports programs to eliminate blindness in Eastern Asia and Africa.

The HCP has been working extensively in Africa for many years and has established excellent relationships with local partners, in each of the proposed locations in Africa. In addition, HCP has been instrumental in supporting the expansion of Tilganga and the program in Bhutan.


The Moran Eye Centre

The Moran Eye Center is an academic medical center, part of the University of Utah, which provides comprehensive and multi-specialty care, and undertakes leading clinical research. MEC is also a hub of national and international training, and supports and organizes local and international humanitarian outreach programs.
Via its relationship with the Moran Eye Center, and other esteemed eye institutions in the US, both TIO and the HCP have been able to facilitate scholarships to young promising ophthalmologists from developing countries, enhancing their training and skill sets.